Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When TRUST is go---------

         When Trust Is Gone
When trust is gone relationships becomes dysfunctional
Society no longer has a foundation on which to stand
Losing its backbone no longer are our words our bond
Whereby society is left standing on sinking sand

From one moment to the next fact becomes a chameleon Decisions are swaying like waves on the ocean
Trust civilization’s building blocks are becoming
Icebergs in the midday sun

When trust is gone distrust and skepticism abounds
Integrity and character are only to be found in museums
Society is constantly sowing the seeds for its destruction
Where anarchy and chaos will reign supreme

When in god we trust becomes a rhetorical slogan
In reality we trust no one not even our fellowman
Our annihilation is becoming a forgone conclusion
Without trust civilization will cease to function

When trust is gone all we are left with is an illusion
A mirage in the distance devoid of substance
Nothing concrete to hold onto or to count on
Without trust all is lost trust is society’s building block

When trust is gone even the currency we count on
Cannot be counted upon
Without trust what left for us to build on?

Anthony S.Phillander©11062017
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