Sunday, December 25, 2016

Santa\s in town

  Santa’s in Town

Santa’s in town he brought gifts for everyone
We have waited all year long now he’s come
Christmas is here oh what joy
Christ and Santa has come

Come everyone let us sing a Christmas song
Rejoice along with Christ Santa’s come along
We will be having fun all days long
Everyone’s happy Christ and Santa’s in town

Santa’s in town and everyone’s one happy as clowns
Opening gifts having fun singing Christmas songs
Christmas is here and it’s a joyful time
Rejoice everyone Christ and Santa’s in town

Come everyone along with Christ Santa’s in town
Were you naughty or were you nice
Did Santa bring  gifts  for you that was just right
It took all year long now he’s in town

Come one come all let’s go see Santa
Yes he’s in town Santa’s in town
Santa’s in town.

Anthony S.Phillander©25122016

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