Friday, July 04, 2014

Say No To Racism

     Say No to Racism

Say no to racism
It is the enemy of civilization
The human family can certainly do without its divisions
Class color and creed are some of its main forms of manifestation

Hold civilization to a higher standard of tolerance
Humanity is not a plurality it is a singularity one family
Not confrontation yes compromise coexistence not alienation 
With the difference in humanity, humanity must acquiesce

Say no to racism
In no uncertain terms let racism know it is not welcome
Show some nerve kick racism to the curb
Bring about a quantum leap in human relation

Break its shackles under its weight do not allow humanity to buckle
Stifle it tackle racism head on blast racism to oblivion
With all your might let it take a hike tell racism to go fly a kite
Put the bite on racism forever let racism disappear from sight

Say no to racism
Give racism no way give no time for racism let it be the end of the line 
Stamp it out rout racism right out from wherever racism resides
Shed no tears for racism just wave racism goodbye.

Anthony S.Phillander©250614

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