Saturday, December 23, 2017

Success is Golden

Success is Golden

Success is golden a treasure immeasurable precious
Priceless a crowning jewel in the realm of achievement
Giving no quarter it is never beholding to failure
It is forever the outstanding achievers object of desire

Success is golden
Never is it silent it’s an exclamation a statement in excellence
It’s outstanding it’s a beacon it’s an appealing destination
Go on a journey of exploration discover success

Success is golden
It’s worthwhile it’s time well spent
It’s a profitable investment of time the pursuit of success
It is solid gold the achievement of success

Success is golden
It owns respect when it’s genuinely earned
It demands whatever it takes whatever it takes is appropriate
It’s an adequate price demanded pay the price and enjoy

Success is golden
With a glow that glitters like the summer’s sun on the horizon
Diamonds pale in comparison to the golden glow of success
Once achieved you will know success is golden.

Anthony S.Phillander©18122017     

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