Monday, September 11, 2017

Suddenly it's September!

Suddenly it’s  

 Suddenly it’s September
We are left in wonder wondering
Where is the summer we were enjoying?
Suddenly summer is no longer around

All winter long we wait in anticipation
One moment it’s here the next it’s gone
Just when we were enjoying summer having fun
Once again summer’s on the run

Suddenly it’s September
Schools reopens and winter’s on the horizon
Summer’s long lazy days are no longer around
Our minds turns to the long winter’s grind

In anticipation we wait all winter long
Suddenly summer appears suddenly it disappears
In a daze we are held spellbound with memories
Memories of summer when we were having fun

Suddenly it’s September
All of a sudden suddenly summer’s over    
Suddenly it’s September
We can feel it in the air.

Anthony S.Phillander©09092017
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