Monday, August 07, 2017

Truth Is

          Truth Is

Truth is irrevocable resolute indisputable invincible
Indomitable unconquerable invaluable irrepressible
Unique uncompromised unshakable incomparable
Inseparable unmistakable invariable irrefutable

Inalienable infallible irreversible impenetrable
Immitigable immaculate imitable immobile unswayable
Immiscible immune immutable immortal monumental
Impeccable impassive imperishable imperturbable

Impermeable impervious unrelenting implicit important
Impregnable imprescriptibly impressive inalterable
Inappeasable incessant incommutably incondensable
Incorruptible indefatigable independent indelible 

Indestructible indispensible inestimable ineffaceable
Inelastic inadaptable inflexible inescapable unvarnished
Inherent innate insistent intelligible intense unified
Indivisible unequivocal, and that’s the unembellished truth.

Anthony S.Phillander©16072017

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