Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Apollo Sputniks

   Apollo Sputniks
She’s stepping out in style in her Apollo Sputniks
Walking in space with a dainty shake
On cloud nine she’s winking at all the guys
Putting a huge smile on their faces

Fits her like a glove
For her it feels like it was custom made
Apollo Sputniks are all the rage these days
Girls just can’t have enough of them in their closets

Stepping out in style
See her in her brand new Apollo Sputniks
With a dainty shake she’s stepping in space
Winking at the guys on cloud nine putting smiles on their faces  

Fits her like a glove with those shoes she’s in love
Those Apollo Sputniks are all the rage these days
Having closets fill of them is the trend
Every girl wants at least a dozen pairs of them

In her Apollo Sputniks she’s trendy
Dancing up a storm she’s the life of the party
She’s on cloud nine spaced out on adoration
The attention she attracting is sending her high

She’s in the spotlight she’s the highlight of the Guys eyes
In her Apollo sputniks she looks fantastic
She looks fantastic in her Apollo Sputniks.

Anthony S.Phillander©24082017


Saturday, August 19, 2017

I AM The Worst!

   I Am Worst©

I am worst than your most horrible nightmare
Don’t you dare take leave of your senses?
Abandon your fears and rise up to challenge me
Unless your ancestors you are prepared to meet

Your most horrible nightmare it’s a cakewalk
When compared with me, your living daylights I will traumatize
You would be much better off falling asleep
Then try dreaming some sweet dreams now close your eyes

I am worst than your most horrible nightmare
Beware I eat live chainsaws for dinner and for dessert
A large helping of barbed wire in between I snack on rattlesnakes
Let me warn you that I am meaner than hells gatekeeper

Your most horrible nightmare it’s a walk in the park
If you are fortified like fort Knox step come step to me
Take your best shot and prepare to enter the hereafter
There after taking that shot your existence history will not remember

I am worst than your most horrible nightmare
There’s a steel plate where my heart’s supposed to be
Stand down run away live to dream another day
Your most horrible nightmare a reality you don’t want me to make

You don’t no you don’t want me to do that
Remember me I am worst that your most horrible nightmare.

Anthony S.Phillander©19082017

Monday, August 07, 2017

Truth Is

          Truth Is

Truth is irrevocable resolute indisputable invincible
Indomitable unconquerable invaluable irrepressible
Unique uncompromised unshakable incomparable
Inseparable unmistakable invariable irrefutable

Inalienable infallible irreversible impenetrable
Immitigable immaculate imitable immobile unswayable
Immiscible immune immutable immortal monumental
Impeccable impassive imperishable imperturbable

Impermeable impervious unrelenting implicit important
Impregnable imprescriptibly impressive inalterable
Inappeasable incessant incommutably incondensable
Incorruptible indefatigable independent indelible 

Indestructible indispensible inestimable ineffaceable
Inelastic inadaptable inflexible inescapable unvarnished
Inherent innate insistent intelligible intense unified
Indivisible unequivocal, and that’s the unembellished truth.

Anthony S.Phillander©16072017

Self Belief!