Thursday, May 18, 2017

Traffic Jamming

    Traffic Jamming

Traffic jamming as if it’s a snail pace grand prix

Nothing but traffic for as far as your eyes can see

It’s another holiday long weekend and everyone’s unhappy

On the road going nowhere fast as traffic crawls endlessly

On top of a pick up truck stuck in the jamming traffic

Musicians trying to ease their frustration began jamming

Jamming in the traffic and instantly people began to party

Partying in the jamming traffic it was a traffic jamming party

Traffic jamming as if it was a snail pace grand prix

In the jamming traffic it was traffic for as far as your eyes can see

Holiday long weekends hi and byways are always packed to capacity

On the road traffic jamming and it’s no use being in any hurry

Standing on top of cars and trucks people were stuck in traffic

Musicians in their frustration in the traffic began jamming

Jamming a hot and bouncy melody in the jamming traffic 

 It was pure ecstasy in the jamming traffic oh what a party

It was a jamming traffic party when we were stuck in a traffic jam

Musicians on a pick up truck struck up a traffic jamming rhythm

Now people are anxious for the jamming traffic and ready to party 

When the next holiday long weekend come around

In the jamming traffic it will be another traffic jamming party.

 Anthony S.Phillander©30032016

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