Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Music let the rhythm move you.

Music let the rhythm

      Move you

Music let the rhythm move you

You can feel it stirring deep in your soul

Out of control it’s now moving you

Uncontrollably you are beginning to rock and roll

Impossible it will not allow you to stand still

Its sweet music taste it you will absolutely like it

The rhythmic sweetness you will certainly relish

Feel the music and let the rhythm move you feel it

Music let the rhythm move you

It’s stirring down deep in your soul you are feeling it 

Uncontrollably you are shaking rolling and rocking

You are totally at the mercy of the music’s rhythm

The sweet music will not permit you to stand still

You have to continue jumping with the rhythm

In a trance you are under the music’s influence

Go with the flow don’t fight the music’s rhythm

Music let the rhythm move you

Just surrender and do what the music wants you to do

Go on let the rhythm of the music move you

Keep doing it let the music move you.

Anthony S.Phillander©26042017

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