Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Spectacularly Extraordinary

She’s spectacularly extraordinary
Between her and the ordinary there’s no similarity
She stylishly takes the high road consistently
Solid like gold she’s truly a woman of substance

First last and for most she’s always a premiere lady
Classy, excellence, eloquent, a study in elegance
She’s an inspiration truly exemplary what a lady
That belle of the world stage you know her name

She’s spectacularly extraordinary
Royal regal a lady with all the qualities of majesty
Like her guaranteed you won’t find may other ladies
She’s truly a gem a crown jewel absolutely

Sensational, surreal, spectacularly extraordinary
Glittering like diamonds confident, charismatic
Worthy of the accolades on her by the world bestowed
That belle by now her name the world can easily tell

She’s really spectacularly extraordinary
Oh what a spectacularly extraordinary lady.

Anthony S.Phillander©17012017

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