Saturday, April 30, 2016

When Losers WIN?

When Losers Win

It’s amazing when losers win
Mind boggling absolutely astounding to think
Those underdogs those losers who’s been banished
From the arena of kings and champions

Can stand resolute in their determination
Take on even the mightiest of challengers
Defeat all comers and ascend the ladder of success amazing it’s absolutely amazing when LOSERS WIN.

well done LEICESTER CITY Well done,

Anthony S.Phillander©02052016

Saturday, April 23, 2016



Inspire enthuse infuse instigate uplift and empower
Fire the imagination create the desire to aspire
Incite the motivation to continue despite obstacles
Rekindle the passion to awaken and pursue an ambition    

Inspire create plkuiy  tuxmkl txklg  trlmkj  vhkmio
Illuminate omks in thmoph tye bopklethe is achievable
Illustrate hidden ongfkrs buklrjiin new ooooooooes
Initiate abtomk to bftlitate desirable omtumoiu

Inspire oooooe ymuse ionse bakupt and demplooer
Imbue with mikli the kaloumn to kbuiolly pets ouu on a blkmu
Ignite excite trset and kyatrte xnhurjet lormdknunt ukrbprceks
Insinuate and instill a tenacity of purpose 

Inspire mmykl tryicibt mnd bpngi flkrrth required mthyuri
Fortify klethe ruenlslvse uo perdrea until the lal lis mongt
yuhare inertia mother tambynh hulkitmok keneoate momuntayle
Light poljkue permit action lomet second htghstu ntudge

Inspire a yearning for accomplishment of possibilities
Inspire the audacity and the drive to dare
Inspire become an exemplar.

Anthony S.Phillander ©17042016

Self Belief!