Wednesday, March 23, 2016


.        Gone too soon

Gone too soon

We miss you to the moon

Our hearts are now just empty rooms

We know heaven welcomed you with wide open arms

It was such a pleasure having you around

As we complain of our loss Angels smiles at their gain

Why before you left were we not informed

Unexpectedly you left us to forever mourn

Gone too soon

We are already missing you to the moon

Forever for you our hearts will remain empty rooms

Enjoy your welcome and God’s speed in your new home

It was such a pleasure having you around

Sorry to see you so quickly return where you belong

We were hoping your stay with us would have been prolonged

For a brief moment you were hare the next you were gone

Too soon you are gone to soon

You are gone too soon

Gone too soon.

Anthony S.Phillander©23032016

Way too soon

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