Saturday, January 23, 2016


     Out shopping at Yorkdale mall

In the ritzy glitter and glamour out shopping at Yorkdale mall
Above the noisy crowd out loud my name I heard her call
Looking around I saw her standing there looking so beautiful
Your face I remember and still I can’t remember your name

My name is ?????? silly man she said with a smile
I remember your name and I haven’t forgotten your face
Even though right now you can not remember mine
I am in no hurry take you time and my name you will remember

In the glitz and splendor out shopping at Yorldale mall
That shopping Mecca at Dufferin and the four oh one
I know your face still you name slips my mind am sorry
Let’s grab a bite to eat and maybe that will jog my memory

My name is ??????/ silly man she said with a smile
I have been thinking about you for the longest while
Think about where and when met see what comes to mind
Finally it came to me and I said your name is Joanne

Out at Yorkdale mall I found love I thought was lost
Arm in arm we left Joanne an I we are back in love
At the food court I remember we first met at Yorkdale Mall.

Anthony S.Phillander©22012015

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