Sunday, December 25, 2016

Santa\s in town

  Santa’s in Town

Santa’s in town he brought gifts for everyone
We have waited all year long now he’s come
Christmas is here oh what joy
Christ and Santa has come

Come everyone let us sing a Christmas song
Rejoice along with Christ Santa’s come along
We will be having fun all days long
Everyone’s happy Christ and Santa’s in town

Santa’s in town and everyone’s one happy as clowns
Opening gifts having fun singing Christmas songs
Christmas is here and it’s a joyful time
Rejoice everyone Christ and Santa’s in town

Come everyone along with Christ Santa’s in town
Were you naughty or were you nice
Did Santa bring  gifts  for you that was just right
It took all year long now he’s in town

Come one come all let’s go see Santa
Yes he’s in town Santa’s in town
Santa’s in town.

Anthony S.Phillander©25122016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Your Hidden Figures

  Your Hidden figures

Expose your hidden figures

Reveal the shape of your assets

Figure does not tell lies let’s see your numbers

Expose your hidden figure

The shape of your asset your figures will reveal

Your hidden figure no longer conceal

The numbers will reveal your hidden figure

It’s just mathematics quit hiding your figure

Expose your hidden figures

The shape of your assets interest us

We will like to know your financial status

Expose your hidden figure

The shape of your assets we wish to determine

This we are unable to do until you reveal your hidden figures

In order to initiate business we need to see the shape of your assets

Reveal your hidden figure show us the shape of your assets

Display your hidden figure.

Anthony S.Phillander©11122016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Breaking BIG!

Breaking Big

You are breaking big

Across all media platforms

Your story is just astronomical

You are certainly taking the world by storm

From the moment your story broke

All over the globe It’s been trending non stop

You have truly tapped into the mother lode

For the journalism business you are very good

You are breaking big

All major markets are shooting up like rockets

The boss have been on the horn all morning

Really and truly this is really something big

The airwaves are reverberating

Social medial is a monumental wildfire

You have got the universe universally covered

We are witnessing the birth of a media superstar

Big really big you are breaking  BIG.

Anthony S.Phillander©15112016

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Arrest Procrastination

  Arrest Procrastination

Arrest procrastination procrastination’s wanted for murder
Arrest procrastination, procrastination accused of killing time
Arrest procrastination don’t let procrastination run rampant
Arrest procrastination act now stop procrastination in its tracks

Procrastination is a fugitive from success
Procrastination has got initiative under undress
Procrastination associates are doubt fear and hesitation
Procrastination is the kidnapper of precious time and ambition

Arrest procrastination, procrastination’s wanted for murder
Arrest procrastination, procrastination wanted for killing time
Arrest procrastination, quick while it’s still stuck in a rut
Arrest procrastination, hurry stop procrastination in its tracks

Procrastination has got ambition under duress
Procrastination is a fugitive from success and progress
Procrastination is the nemesis of every moment of precious time
Procrastination it’s high time that procrastination is confined

Quit procrastinating go on now arrest procrastination
Arrest procrastination, procrastination’s wanted for killing time
Arrest procrastination there’s no time like the present to get it done
Quickly why the hesitation hurry arrest procrastination.

Anthony S.Phillander ©19081998

Sunday, October 02, 2016

    Girl on my train of thought

I have got a girl on my train of thought
No matter how hard I try I am unable to drop her off
She’s holding on for dear life and riding along
On my train of thought she keeps riding non stop

I have got a girl on my train of thought
Can’t remember when or where I picked her up
All I know is she just does not want me to drop her off
The girl just won’t drop off from my train of thought

I have got a girl on my train of thought
For other girls along the way she won’t allow  me to stop
Seems like am stuck with this girl on my train of thought
Will I ever be able to drop this girl from my train of thought?

I have got a girl on my train of thought
Try as I may whatever I do she just won’t drop off
She likes riding along she enjoy riding my train of thought
Just can’t seem to drop this girl from my train of thought

I have got a girl I have got a girl on my train of thought
Got a girl on my train of thought got a girl on my train of thought
I have got a girl on my train of thought.

Anthony S.Phillander©20092016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Quit employing aimlessness
It’s an employee whose only product is a complete waste of time,and time is …..!     
Anthony S.Phillander©23082016t

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Failure To Compete

     A Failure to Compete

A Failure to compete

It’s the greatest of all failures

Basking in the arrogance of dominance

Organizations seeds of their demise unwisely they sow

A failure to compete

Brings giants to their knees

From outstanding success

It humbles and leaves them walling in defeat

A failure to compete

Is built on the conceit of confidence

Unaware of challenger nipping at their feet

How and why is their cry at the realization of their demise?

A failure to compete

Cheats leaders out of always remaining at the top of the heap

Resting on their laurels while competitors never misses a beat

Too late they realize they are followers where they once lead

A failure to compete

It is the Achilles heel of the mightiest of organizations

Competition separates the weak from the strong

The survival of the fittest is determined by competition

Competition is the engine of organization

A failure to compete is organizations arch enemy.

Anthony S.Phillander©16082016

Saturday, August 06, 2016


Beautiful  Luscious


   Big thick Rich   


Glowing Ruby Red Hot Fire


Anthony S,Phillander©06082016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Legendary Women

  Legendary Women

Legendary women your reputation precedes you
You are renown because of your achievements
To the outer limits and beyond you have traveled
Still you continue reaching for the stars

In resolute pursuit of your objectives
No bridge is too far stones you never leave unturned
The word impossible remains a complete stranger to you
By glass ceilings and other ooooo oooooo oooo deterred

Legendary women  ??????????

Anthony S.Phillamder©06262016

Friday, July 01, 2016

Reduce Reuse Recycle

  Reduce Reuse Recycle

Reduce our consumer footprint
Reuse our consumer items nothing is exempt
Recycle and repurpose as much as we can
It’s our duty to be caretakers of our environment

The world is our gold fish bowl
It’s our responsibility to keep it clean
We cannot depend on aliens to become our custodians
We abscond from this responsibility to our detriment

Reduce unnecessary consumption
Reuse everything re useable we must make this attempt
Recycle take our cue from the seasons
We are the guardians of future generation environment

The world is our very own home sweet home
It must be kept spick and span so we can welcome anyone
Breathtaking vistas crystal stream rivers and oceans
This is our bequest from Mother Nature

We can show our gratitude and heartfelt appreciation if we
Reduce Reuse Recycle come on people it’s not very hard to do
Reduce reuse recycle.

Anthony S.Phillander©18062016


Friday, May 20, 2016

Grumpy Grandpa

Grumpy Grandpa he is  very grouchy  what a character
Like a lemon his face is always  very sour
Grandma says he cannot help it
because he is grumpy by Nature

Sour puss that's Grandma's pet name for Grandpa
from him even the kittens runs away and stays very far.

Excerpt from the Poem Grumpy  Grampa.

Anthony S.Phillander 20052016  ALL rights reserved

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writers Are DOING IT Anywheree

        Writers are doing it anywhere

Writers are doing it anywhere without fear
At the drop of an idea they are doing in the bedroom
In the washroom in the boardroom in the class room
In the coatroom and they are doing it in the change room

On airplanes on trains and in automobiles
On boats on ships on short or on long trips
They are doing it at the bus stop and in the airport
In the library they are doing it and doing it in the supermarket

Writers are doing it anywhere
They have got no shame see them doing it in public
They are doing it in private doing it in hallways and on hi-ways
They are doing it on stair cases see the expression on their faces

Anywhere they got the feeling to do it they are doing it
They are doing it on paper they are doing it on computers
Doing it on fabric doing it on phones walls tablets and billboards
Night and day writers are writing their lives away

Don’t ask them to stop because they enjoy doing it
Writers, Writers are doing it anywhere
In the blink of an eye they will expose pen and paper
Then they will begin doing it right where they are.

Anthony S.Phillander©26012016

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Bank Machines

  Bank Machines

Some People are like

Bank machines

They do not want


Anthony S.Phillander©07052016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

When Losers WIN?

When Losers Win

It’s amazing when losers win
Mind boggling absolutely astounding to think
Those underdogs those losers who’s been banished
From the arena of kings and champions

Can stand resolute in their determination
Take on even the mightiest of challengers
Defeat all comers and ascend the ladder of success amazing it’s absolutely amazing when LOSERS WIN.

well done LEICESTER CITY Well done,

Anthony S.Phillander©02052016

Saturday, April 23, 2016



Inspire enthuse infuse instigate uplift and empower
Fire the imagination create the desire to aspire
Incite the motivation to continue despite obstacles
Rekindle the passion to awaken and pursue an ambition    

Inspire create plkuiy  tuxmkl txklg  trlmkj  vhkmio
Illuminate omks in thmoph tye bopklethe is achievable
Illustrate hidden ongfkrs buklrjiin new ooooooooes
Initiate abtomk to bftlitate desirable omtumoiu

Inspire oooooe ymuse ionse bakupt and demplooer
Imbue with mikli the kaloumn to kbuiolly pets ouu on a blkmu
Ignite excite trset and kyatrte xnhurjet lormdknunt ukrbprceks
Insinuate and instill a tenacity of purpose 

Inspire mmykl tryicibt mnd bpngi flkrrth required mthyuri
Fortify klethe ruenlslvse uo perdrea until the lal lis mongt
yuhare inertia mother tambynh hulkitmok keneoate momuntayle
Light poljkue permit action lomet second htghstu ntudge

Inspire a yearning for accomplishment of possibilities
Inspire the audacity and the drive to dare
Inspire become an exemplar.

Anthony S.Phillander ©17042016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


.        Gone too soon

Gone too soon

We miss you to the moon

Our hearts are now just empty rooms

We know heaven welcomed you with wide open arms

It was such a pleasure having you around

As we complain of our loss Angels smiles at their gain

Why before you left were we not informed

Unexpectedly you left us to forever mourn

Gone too soon

We are already missing you to the moon

Forever for you our hearts will remain empty rooms

Enjoy your welcome and God’s speed in your new home

It was such a pleasure having you around

Sorry to see you so quickly return where you belong

We were hoping your stay with us would have been prolonged

For a brief moment you were hare the next you were gone

Too soon you are gone to soon

You are gone too soon

Gone too soon.

Anthony S.Phillander©23032016

Way too soon

Saturday, January 23, 2016


     Out shopping at Yorkdale mall

In the ritzy glitter and glamour out shopping at Yorkdale mall
Above the noisy crowd out loud my name I heard her call
Looking around I saw her standing there looking so beautiful
Your face I remember and still I can’t remember your name

My name is ?????? silly man she said with a smile
I remember your name and I haven’t forgotten your face
Even though right now you can not remember mine
I am in no hurry take you time and my name you will remember

In the glitz and splendor out shopping at Yorldale mall
That shopping Mecca at Dufferin and the four oh one
I know your face still you name slips my mind am sorry
Let’s grab a bite to eat and maybe that will jog my memory

My name is ??????/ silly man she said with a smile
I have been thinking about you for the longest while
Think about where and when met see what comes to mind
Finally it came to me and I said your name is Joanne

Out at Yorkdale mall I found love I thought was lost
Arm in arm we left Joanne an I we are back in love
At the food court I remember we first met at Yorkdale Mall.

Anthony S.Phillander©22012015

Self Belief!