Saturday, March 07, 2015

Extraordinary Women


    Extraordinary Women

Extraordinary women there aren’t any lines that
You are allowing yourselves to continue standing behind
In your vocabulary the words limitation and I can’t they are non-existent
Ceiling be they glass or otherwise extraordinary women you do not recognize

Women extraordinary women you have been reaching for the sky
Surpassing it and traveling beyond straight to the outer limits
Compromise you do not you are only accepting that which you desire
From every situation and every circumstance

Extraordinary women, extraordinary women the world’s your oyster
And for you all, you all are making everything come up pearls
The status quo, you are continuing to stand on end in soccer and 
Every other field of endeavor you are continuing to destroy all barriers

Women extraordinary women the word impossible you do not comprehend
And so you continue doing whatever you set your mind to do
Women extraordinary women the world commends you for continuing to do
An ordinary thing extraordinarily that’s why women you all are extraordinary

Extraordinary women here’s to you
Congratulations well done and keep on keeping on
Women extraordinary women
Extraordinary women congratulations.

Anthony S.Phillanderã2002

Thoughts for Today
ISBN 1-4033-4456-6

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