Sunday, August 20, 2006



Information is the current currency
the industrial revolution is now history
information is now the engine of industry
mine information it is the ore of wealth creation

Information it is the pulse of civilization
and it is the pivot on which the world currently revolves
with a heartbeat vibrant and persistent
chaos would result if information's pulse ever stops

Information at the speed of light is transforming civilization
yesterday's conventions today belong in a museum
constant change is the norm in this the age of information
link up don't get left out of the loop make the connection

Information it's priceless secure it safely like diamonds
it is a jewelled crown that must not be left unattended
be informed pay attention mind your information
information, without it knowledge would be headed for extinction

Information! it is of paramount Importance.

Anthony S.Phillander 20082006 all rights reserved.

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