Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Made For

you were made for life life was made for you
you must cling to life let life cling to you
you and life were made for each other this is absolutely true
without each other what would you and what would life do!

Sunday, July 08, 2018


Bound to score that forward is simply unstoppable
Does not matter what’s the strength of the defenders 
He will always find a way to bore through the goalkeeper
With a left foot like a jack hammer he’s the archenemy of goal keepers

When he’s on the run toward goal he shoots like a sniper
Goalies scamper for cover they are aware of the target he’s after
Anyone in his way for them it is certain disaster they got to beware
The back of their net is what he passionately desires

He’s bound to score and does not take no for an answer
Come hell or high water if the goal is like a vault
Make no mistake he will do whatever it takes to find the formula
He will explore until he discovers the combination to the treasure 

On the football field he’s in possession of a lethal weapon
This weapon can breakthrough any defenses armor
Leaving goaltenders vulnerable and cowering in fear
Clearing a path like a bulldozer he’s bound to score

For sure he’s bound to score. 

 Anthony S.Phillander©010713

Friday, July 06, 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Self Belief!

   Self -Belief

Self- belief it is a pivot and it‘s an anchor
It’s the premier determining factor of one’s stature
The heights to which one can rise or the depths in which one remains stuck
Has its genesis in the measure of one’s self- belief

Everything one accomplishes or refrains from accomplishing
Must begin with the self- belief of what one is capable thereof
Without self-belief before one begins all is already lost
Self-belief it’s a monument it is paramount 

Self –belief it’s a formidable force to have in one’s possession                 
This provides a strong foundation on which to stand or build upon
No journey is too long or any destination out of reach with self-belief
Self –belief is fundamental

Self-belief is essential to the accomplishment of any endeavor
One will never dare to venture into the unknown attempt the impossible
Take a quantum leap across a chasm abandon the shoreline for distant horizons
The possibilities are limitless with the possession of self-belief

Self-belief it is the key to the realization of one’s true potential
It keeps one in the game even when the game seems to be going up in flames
It’s the little voice that keeps whispering in your ear hang on you will get there
It’s an irreplaceable companion that always tell you yes you are capable

Self- Belief what a relief it is to be aware that self- belief is in one’s possession
Self-belief it all begins within.

Anthony S.Phillander©18062018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What An iNept

      What an Inept Bunch

What an inept bunch of misfits
When square pegs are placed in round holes that’s what you get
Shooting off their mouths it’s the only thing they are good at
When it comes to shooting straight you will have to wait on that

This bunch of misfits provides a laugh a minute
They are truly a bunch of jokers anyhow you look at it
Not one casts a giant shadow for they are all so hollow
How did they get their jobs everyone would like to know?

What a bunch of misfits
Seems none of them knows their elbow from their toe
In the whole bunch of them none can claim to be number one
They all seem to function as number two

This bunch of misfits they don’t have a clue
Things that need to be done none of them have been able to do
The way in which they pose and posture they think they are models
It’s remarkable that they are holding on to their jobs for as long as they do

Wow what an inept bunch of misfits
They are notorious for foot in mouth disease
They are full of it and in themselves they are well pleased
It’s incredible wow what an inept bunch of misfits.

Anthony S.Phillander©271013


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