Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What An iNept

      What an Inept Bunch

What an inept bunch of misfits
When square pegs are placed in round holes that’s what you get
Shooting off their mouths it’s the only thing they are good at
When it comes to shooting straight you will have to wait on that

This bunch of misfits provides a laugh a minute
They are truly a bunch of jokers anyhow you look at it
Not one casts a giant shadow for they are all so hollow
How did they get their jobs everyone would like to know?

What a bunch of misfits
Seems none of them knows their elbow from their toe
In the whole bunch of them none can claim to be number one
They all seem to function as number two

This bunch of misfits they don’t have a clue
Things that need to be done none of them have been able to do
The way in which they pose and posture they think they are models
It’s remarkable that they are holding on to their jobs for as long as they do

Wow what an inept bunch of misfits
They are notorious for foot in mouth disease
They are full of it and in themselves they are well pleased
It’s incredible wow what an inept bunch of misfits.

Anthony S.Phillander©271013

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Imagine That!

  Imagine that!

Imagine that you were thinking that
You could not have done it
Now look at you see you did it imagine that
When you put your mind to it see what you can do

Imagine that you never knew that you had it in you
I have got news for you there’s so much more in you
What you needed you found in you when you needed to
What you thought was impossible you did way to go

Imagine that you imagined that and you did what you imagine
Whatever you imagine you can do when you truly want to
Your imagination is unstoppable and so are you
Imagine you are unstoppable and become what you imagine

Imagine that who would have thought this would have happened
Yes it has happened all because you had the courage to make it happen
You have done us proud this really looks good congratulation hats off to you  
Wonders never cease you have done it can you imagine that

Imagine that can you imagine how proud you have made us
You did it imagine that!

Anthony S.Phillander©19052018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


   Being home

I love being home with you and the kids
It brings me lots or joy whenever I am doing this
After being so long on the road it becomes tiresome
This feels really good I love being home

I can travel the world still my mind never leaves home
With my colleagues all over the world we continually roam
When it becomes time to be heading home I am over the moon
Seeing your faces around I am always anxious to touchdown

 I love being home with you and the kids
To the moon I miss you all whenever I am gone
Being on the road much too long often gets me down
I love being home being home again feels really good

My mind never leaves home when I am traveling the world
All over the world my colleagues and I we continually roam
The moment I know I will be heading home I am over the moon
I am always anxious to touchdown and see your familiar faces

I love being home with you and the kids
Today let’s all go to the village and have some fun
It really feels good being home with you and the kids
Feel good feel really good being home.

Anthony S.Phillander©15052018

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Oh beautiful MAY

 Oh beautiful May

Oh beautiful May
I am very happy to meet you today
May did you find Spring along the way
She looks beautiful I must say

Beautiful May you finally came today
I was longing to meet you everyday
Today you came and Clouds disappeared
Meeting you has certainly made my day

Oh beautiful May
Today you got me feeling in a happy way
Did you find Spring May did you find Spring along the way
She’s looking beautiful as a bright sun shining summer’s day

Beautiful May you are looking lovelier every day
I was longing to meet you and now you are here
Clouds disappeared when you came today
My day you made the moment you appeared May

Oh beautiful May
Beautiful May forever I wish you would stay
In your season joy and happiness you bring night and day
Oh beautiful May it’s a pleasure having you here.

Anthony S.Phillander©01052018

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Self Belief!