Monday, January 29, 2018

Set for takeoff

    Set for takeoff

We are set for takeoff
In a moment we will be lifting off
Into sunny blue skies we will be flying high
We will soar and like an eagle sky high we will fly

In anticipation we waits
It won’t be long soon we will be airborne
Into sunny skies we cannot wait to fly
We are taking a good look around soon we would be gone

We are set for takeoff
We are beginning to taxi down the runway
Into the wild blue yonder we will be lifting off
Like an eagle soon we will be soaring sky high

Our anticipation is overwhelming
We are about to become airborne in a moment
Excitement is overflowing in our eyes
We enjoy flying and we are taking to the skies

We are set for takeoff
Wow now we are taking off.

Anthony S.Phillander©29012018

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