Monday, April 03, 2017

Presidential Women

   Presidential Women

Presidential women you are on the leading edge of a trending trend
Confidently you are ascending to astronomical heights and beyond 
Challenges you have met head on and continue beating into submission Glass ceilings are no match for you because you are a diamond

Presidential women your rightful places they are on pedestals
Generations will be looking up to you because of your tenacity of spirit
Like a beacon you shine creating pathway and furnishing directions
The precedent you are setting they are inspirational

Presidential women you are presumptive you pursued you persevered
You visualized and your possibilities you have realized
You have arrived your potential’s intelligence is just phenomenal
Madam what you have achieved is absolutely monumental

Presidential women for you no road is too long no bridge is too far
When you set your mind on a destination your journey’s end is assured
Inaction mediocrity aimlessness and fear with those you are not familiar
With Initiative and leadership you are rocketing to wherever you desire

Presidential women your legacies will indelibly live on indefinitely
The world stands in awe of you because you refused to be confined
Respect you never expected respect you demanded and respect you got
You put the world at your command ad you are commanding your world

Presidential women your world you have mastered
The world’s now is at your service you are at its helm
To attention we rise as we salute you Presidential women
Presidential women congratulation

Presidential women you epitomizes all the qualities of the presidency.

Anthony S.Phillander©27072016

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