Friday, May 20, 2016

Grumpy Grandpa

Grumpy Grandpa he is  very grouchy  what a character
Like a lemon his face is always  very sour
Grandma says he cannot help it
because he is grumpy by Nature

Sour puss that's Grandma's pet name for Grandpa
from him even the kittens runs away and stays very far.

Excerpt from the Poem Grumpy  Grampa.

Anthony S.Phillander 20052016  ALL rights reserved

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writers Are DOING IT Anywheree

        Writers are doing it anywhere

Writers are doing it anywhere without fear
At the drop of an idea they are doing in the bedroom
In the washroom in the boardroom in the class room
In the coatroom and they are doing it in the change room

On airplanes on trains and in automobiles
On boats on ships on short or on long trips
They are doing it at the bus stop and in the airport
In the library they are doing it and doing it in the supermarket

Writers are doing it anywhere
They have got no shame see them doing it in public
They are doing it in private doing it in hallways and on hi-ways
They are doing it on stair cases see the expression on their faces

Anywhere they got the feeling to do it they are doing it
They are doing it on paper they are doing it on computers
Doing it on fabric doing it on phones walls tablets and billboards
Night and day writers are writing their lives away

Don’t ask them to stop because they enjoy doing it
Writers, Writers are doing it anywhere
In the blink of an eye they will expose pen and paper
Then they will begin doing it right where they are.

Anthony S.Phillander©26012016

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Bank Machines

  Bank Machines

Some People are like

Bank machines

They do not want


Anthony S.Phillander©07052016

Self Belief!